12th international Dieselmotorcyle Rally Hamm 2012

Uwaga! This is an announcement! We don’t change anything. Everything will happen as usual On the second weekend in September it is Diesel-Time again. The 12th international Dieselmotorcycle-Rally will take place at the Brauhof Wilshaus from 7th to 9th September 2012. If you plan your trip from the UK you might arrange with others on dieselbike.net. There is also a shiny landing-page for the event: http://dmt2012.dieselkrad.info/index_en.html It is planned to do the same than last year and the year before, cause it works out well. We show what we build and take a look at what the others have build. After watching we usualy start talking. If you want, you can think about the meaning of life and how a dieselmotorcycle could effect this (or not). I will do my best again to make shirts and stickers. Camping is free. Everybody is welcome. Breakfast, beer (and more) is available from the Brauhof. For elderly people :) Hotel Grüner Baum, Reginenstraße 3, 59069 Rhynern, +49 2385 / 6051-53 For the globetrotter: The Brauhof is located 51°40’11“ north and 7°54’10“ east. Here it is on google maps:

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